Some Good Advice

A year ago I made a commitment to 2 things that I think has helped make me a happier and more productive person.

1. I got off Facebook. 

2. I stopped watching and following all mainstream media. 

A mentor of mine told me to ask myself – “Ask yourself what the motivation is behind certain media outlets who provide you news, updates, information? Is it because they care about your well being or they care about hype and ad revenue dollars?”

I surrounded myself with sources that had my best interest at heart, and for me, Facebook and the MSM didn’t do that.

That freed up a lot of time and brain power that I could use to focus on sources of information that would push me to be better and see the world for what it really is.  I believe the world is in a much better place today than ever before. The majority of this world wakes up everyday pushing forward in some form or fashion – whether that is for their religion, their family, their friends, their city, their business – you name it. Are we perfect? No. But we keep pushing forward.


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